Call of the Mountains - Zanskar

Lahaul - Zanskar - Kargil

12 Nights / 13 Days (including transit)


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Embark on an extraordinary 11-day cycling expedition that will transport you through the awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse topography, and rich cultural tapestry of the Zanskar region. The tour will take you from Manali, over Rohtang Pass, into Lahaul and along the Chandra river, and onward over Shingo La Pass to reach the mythical Kingdom of Zanskar, before winding towards Kargil. The route is a mix of tarmac and rough un-metalled roads with beautiful views throughout. Biking through some of the remotest parts of Himachal and Ladakh, this trip provides a myriad of experiences. Zanskar is a valley from another time. The remoteness of the region has secluded it from modern industrialization, and its ruggedness and way of life have endured for centuries. Ancient monasteries dot the brown valleys, interspersed with green villages - it's the  High Himalayas at their best. 


Day 1: Arrive in Manali (spot elevation: 2050 m)
  • Spend the evening in Manali getting acquainted with your fellow riders. Hang out at the dreamy little cafes across town, many of which have views of the idyllic mountains around. 
  • Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay

Day 2: Acclimatization and gear checks (spot elevation: 2050 m)
  • Gear check and last-minute preparations, if any.
  • Local ride to Solang to get acquainted with your bike, and get acclimatized before climbing further up the mountains.
  • As the day winds down, time permitting, you could indulge in the soothing hot springs of Vashisht village or explore the medieval Naggar Castle, immersing yourself in the rich heritage that surrounds you. 
  • Rest well, for the true adventure begins the next day.
  • Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay
Day 3: Manali - Sissu (spot elevation: 3200m)
  • The journey starts on the smooth roads of Manali, surrounded by pine and deodar forests. We follow the meandering route along the Beas River towards Solang Valley and then onwards to the Rohtang Tunnel that will take us to Lahaul. The end of the tunnel marks the beginning of the mix of metalled and unmetalled roads that we’ll come to love through the rest of the tour. We follow the Chandra River here to reach the camping grounds at Sissu.
  • Ride Distance: 35 km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 813 m, Loss: 1100 m
  • Accommodation: Tents
Day 4: Sissu - Jispa (3300m)
  • We journey through Lahaul, first passing through the vibrant city of Keylong. We then reach Tandi, where the Chandra and Bhaga rivers form a sacred confluence that later becomes the Chenab River. The gentle gradient and mesmerizing scenery make for a fun day on the saddle. 
  •  As evening descends, find tranquillity on the banks of the river at Jispa where we will set up camp.
  • Distance: 50km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1300 m, Loss: 1000 m
  • Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay
Day 5: Jispa -Zanskar Sumdo (3600m)
  • From Jispa we ride on the Leh road until Darcha, on mostly flat terrain. We then take a deviation to make our way to Zanskar Sumdo on a gradually ascending trail. The stunning vistas and untouched beauty of these remote landscapes will mesmerize you.
  • Distance: 42 km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 800 m, Loss: 150 m
  • Accommodation: Tents 
Day 6: Zanskar Sumdo - Shingo La (5091m) - Lakhang(4500m)
  • Pass day today. We start early today and make our way on unmetalled roads with sparse vegetation. The ascent is steep but the reward is immense as you stand atop the pass, enjoying awe-inspiring panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. We then descend to reach Lakhang to camp for the night.
  • Distance: 30km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1300 m, Loss: 850 m
  • Accommodation: Tents
Day 7: Lakhang - Purne  (3700m)
  • We venture deeper into the enchanting realm of Zanskar and traverse through quaint villages that showcase the authentic Zanskari way of life. We pass Gumburonjon (5900m), a huge rock face revered by the locals, and then through the timeless villages of Kargiakh, Kuru, and Testa, finally reaching the riverside camp at Purne.
  • Distance: 35 km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 100 m, Loss: 450 m
  • Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay 
Day 8: Purne - Phuktal - Purne 
  • Indulge in a side trip to the ethereal Phuktal Gompa, a true marvel nestled amidst the rugged cliffs of Zanskar. This ancient monastery, dating back to the 12th century, is a testament to the spiritual richness of the region. We then return to camp at Purne, carrying the echoes of this sacred place in our beings.
  • Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay 
Day 9: Purne - Padum (3000m)
  • We leave behind the isolation of the remote villages as journey towards the vibrant heart of Zanskar. We pass through the quaint Zanskari villages of Ichar and Mune, their inhabitants carry the tales of a proud and resilient culture. Finally, we arrive at Padum, the capital of the erstwhile Zanskar kingdom. Padum is a small town now with shops and cafes the and most modern amenities.
  • Distance: 50km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 800 m, Loss: 1000 m
  • Accommodation: Tents
Day 10: Padum - Lalung Nala (2400m)
  • We leave Padum to cycle to the base of the Pensi La. Even though this is the only fully motorable road that connects Zanskar to the rest of the world, vehicles on this route are infrequent. We camp there for the night.
  • Distance: 60km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 950 m, Loss: 500 m
  • Accommodation: Tents
Day 11: Lalung Nala - Tangol (2600m)
  • We cover a larger distance on the penultimate day of this incredible tour. We start the day with the uphill climb to Pensi La and then ride down to the valley floor of the Suru River. The unparalleled beauty of the Suru Valley makes for a very scenic ride that takes us through Rangdum and Parkachik villages and onward to Tangol. 
  • Distance: 90km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1050 m, Loss: 1700 m
  • Accommodation: Tents
Day 12: Tangol - Kargil (2400m)
  • Our Last day of cycling. We'll cycle through Balti settlements and Panikhar town to reach Kargil town by the evening. The trip ends here!
  • Distance: 75km, Cumulative Elevation Gain: 650 m, Loss: 1300 m
  • Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay

Day 13: Depart

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