Pedal in Tandem’s mastery over the art of curating and operating bicycle rides and tours ensures no stone is unturned to offer all these benefits for you and your employees.

It is an established practice for Business and Human Resource Managers to organize “team outings” or “offsites” with the intention of boosting employee engagement, teamwork and multidisciplinary collaboration. These events give employees a break from their everyday work environment and provide an atypical “outside” setting for them to engage with each other, their managers and the leadership. These may be team lunches/dinners or activity-led outings or even business simulations and games. Another dimension that has emerged strongly is employee wellness. Team outings are now often part of overarching employee wellness and engagement programmes.


Our experience in working with several organizations from different industries has shown that activity-led, nature-bound team outings bring a lot of benefits to employees and teams, covering all the bases - employee engagement, collaboration and employee wellness. The last of these cannot be stressed enough upon. Employees who were once sitting all day behind their desks in the office are now, since the pandemic, doing the same at home. The isolation from lack of real social interactions further compounds the existing issues of sedentary lifestyle and physical and mental health conditions.

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from participants about our bicycle rides that indicate a clear way forward to mitigate these risks. Employees say that being in a pristine setting, close to nature, with fresh country air, away from the hustle of the city, engaging in a physical activity like cycling, gives them not only the opportunity to unwind but also pushes them as a team to do something challenging together. It is beautiful to see how teams ensure that no member is left behind on these rides and how everyone together has a wonderful experience, with a collective spirit of adventure and love for nature. It is testament to our belief that these activities can improve multiple facets of employee well-being, teamwork and engagement. Participants repeatedly say that they feel reinvigorated to get back to their work setting after these breaks. They leave these events with a sense of achievement, a renewed love for nature, a renewed desire to work on their fitness and often a fresh perspective of other members of their team, combined with a grown mutual respect.


Providing a fresh way for the team to explore themselves and the outdoors.


Employee Engagement


Multidisciplinary Collaboration


Employee Wellness




Nature Bound


We take care of curation, safety, logistics, and on-the-ground operations to ensure a top-notch experience for every single participant. We have a fleet of rental bicycles for those participants who do not have their own bicycles. We have several lead riders, guides, mechanics and support vehicles to provide all the assistance required to make for a stellar experience. Most importantly, the routes are meticulously planned and provide a safe, controlled environment amidst the scenic bounties of nature, for the group to thoroughly enjoy and engage with every pedal stroke.


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What we love most about our passion-led business is engaging with you, dear rider.

Deepa Kumar

Riding with the people of Pedal in tandem is enjoyable. Dheeraj and Poojya make a very good team, they cater to the needs and requirements of all kinds of riders. They provide a safe space for women riders. I started as a beginner with them, and am now able to climb a few hills with the steady encouragement of pedal in tandem. They curate rides and tours for anyone seeking memorable experiences.

Vasudha bhat

They are the best bike shop in Bangalore period. The tours were great and dheeraj and pooja know exactly what they are doing.

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