We were born out of an idea and a desire to help people explore the world and have deep, fulfilling experiences in a healthy and sustainable way. We believe that the bicycle is the vehicle best suited to facilitate that.

Pedal in Tandem is a cycling company that's obsessed with providing you the best possible experiences, be it in our bike shop or in the great outdoors. The company was founded by Dheeraj Subramanian and Poojya Basavaraj, a Bangalore-based couple, who are passionate about bicycle travel. They've been organizing bicycle tours to all parts of the country and beyond for over five years while nurturing and supporting the bicycle community in Bangalore.



We’re known for our meticulously curated bicycle tour itineraries that have allowed many hundreds of riders to experience various destinations from unique perspectives.

Over time, as our community of bicycle touring enthusiasts grew, we realised there was a need to set up a bike studio and workshop to cater to their requirements. We felt that there was a dire need to create awareness and ensure that people make informed purchase decisions that reflect their requirements, preferences and primary ride surfaces and terrain. Our ethos has always been this - to have a meaningful engagement with you to help you discover and understand various aspects of cycling and cater to your requirements to the best of our ability - to help you see past the clutter of choices and the clamour of marketing and sales pitches that are prevalent in the industry today.


Meticulously curated

Meticulously curated

We give you the best curations in everything we do, be it the routes and destinations for our tours or the bicycles and accessories at our bike shop.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our vast technical expertise, having ridden and serviced different bikes, gives us the edge to provide precise solutions for your cycling needs.

Eclectic Collection


We have something for everyone - rides and tours for all levels, bicycle servicing, workshops and bikes and accessories for every type of rider.

Offbeat and Exclusive

Offbeat and Exclusive

We don’t do the mainstream, the homogenous and indistinguishable. We ideate, create and curate, as you’ll see in our bike tours and custom builds.

Customized Tours

Customized Tours

We run fixed-departure tours every weekend but we also offer our expertise to curate and operate custom tours, for closed groups or solo riders.


Our ethos has been our guiding principle as we evolved into a brand that offers pretty much everything around cycling. Now our bike shop in Indiranagar, Bangalore, which is also our community hub, is where we offer a well-thought-out curation of bicycles and accessories for every type of rider. We provide top-notch bicycle servicing from the most basic tune-up to a full strip-down service, for all types of bicycles, from all brands.

One of our unique offerings is custom bicycle builds - we build one-of-a-kind bicycles tailored to individual requirements, with built-in versatility to accommodate the future whims and needs of the rider.
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We also offer an eclectic collection of weekend rides and adventure bike tours around Bangalore, across India and across the globe, all curated meticulously for the discerning cyclist and traveler who values the extraordinary!

Our rides and tours are all off-beat exclusive itineraries in which you will experience the highs of cycling in exotic locations, soak in local culture & cuisine and explore the countryside and wilderness. So come on over and join our community of cycling and travel enthusiasts! We promise you will have a fun time and you'll soon be challenging yourself to ride longer and harder and explore farther and deeper than ever before!
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