Hampi Bicycle Tour

Hampi, Anegundi, Sanapur

3 Nights / 4 Days (including transit)


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This 3-day cycling tour of Hampi will take you through some of the most interesting parts of the region. The tour is designed such that you will experience both sides of Hampi - On the one hand, the majestic ruins of the Vijayanagara empire offer interesting perspectives into the glorious history of the Deccan plateau and of the Indian subcontinent as a whole. On the other, the nature trails we've curated will give you incredible views of the rocky shrub forests, rivers and lakes of this breathtakingly beautiful region. The warm hospitality and laid back vibe of the cafes and cottages will put you in just the right frame of mind for a memorable cycling holiday in Hampi. Oh, and as always, we've curated an experience that is off-the-beaten-path so don't expect a hop-on-hop-off tourist circuit!

Tour highlights:
  • An exploration by bicycle of some select ruins that are off the frequented tourist circuits
  • Bicycle rides along the canals of Hampi offering breathtaking views.
  • The mighty Tungabhadra river and its many tributaries
  • Trek in Hippie Island


Day 1: Arrival
  • Arrive in Hampi by late evening and settle in at the homestay. Participants will carpool or avail public transportation.

Day 2: The Ruins of Hampi
  • The day starts with a ferry crossing across the Tungabhadra river, after which the biking trail will take us through some of the magnificent ruins of the Vijayanagara empire.  The day also includes a hike up a little hill that provides unhindered views of the region.
  • Distance: ~25 km ride
  • Elevation Gain: 150 m

Day 3: Tour de Canal
  • This route is incredibly picturesque and takes us along a canal, a tributary of the Tungabhadra, that supplies water to all the villages and townships in the region. You will see panoramic views of the hills as you meander through the village roads surrounded by paddy fields and rocky outcrops. We'll also touch upon a pristine lake and several ruins along the course.
  • Distance: 45-65 km
  • Elevation Gain: 350 m

Day 4: A short hike and then it's a wrap!
  • A hike up a hill with tons of boulders and caves, in Hampi's Hippie Island.
  • Check-out and depart

What do the difficulty levels mean?

The Level 1 (Beginner) rides are ideal for those who want to get back into cycling after a long time and get a taste of bicycle touring. The Level-2 (Moderate) rides are intended for those who've done a few of our Level-1 rides (20-30 km). The Level-3 (Challenging) rides are suitable for those who've done some Level-2 rides (40-60 km) and want to take it up a notch. Level-4 (Extreme) are rides and tours which have a lot of difficult climbs and or difficult conditions like in high-altitude regions.


What's included in the tour cost?
  • Curated cycling and travel experience
  • 3 nights stay in a memorable location
  • Breakfast and lunch on all days
  • Lead riders and guides from our crew of experts
  • Support vehicle, except in sections without vehicular access
  • Mechanic support
  • Ride refreshments
  • Entry fees, permits, vehicle parking

What's not included in the tour cost?
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation of riders to the starting point and back from the endpoint
  • Meals in transit and those not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Bicycle rentals (available as an add-on)
  • Transportation of bicycles (available as an add-on)

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