Dandeli & South Goa Bicycle Tour

Dandeli, Kulgi, Canacona

8 Days / 7 Nights (including transits)


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This adventure cycling tour begins in Dandeli and courses down to the southern part of Goa. The tour splits itself nicely into 2 segments and participants could choose to do either or both. The first is in Dandeli, the centrepieces of which are the majestic Kali river and the Kali Tiger Reserve through which the river courses. The reserve is spread across 500 sq. km and is home to a myriad species of animals and birds, some of which you may be fortunate to witness during the tour. These forests bristle with canopies of dizzying heights that resound with the songs of barbets, sunbirds, starlings and flycatchers, with the Malabar giant squirrel adding to the medley. The great pied hornbills are however the stars of the show and you might be able to catch them in their chirpy hordes.

Kali - the black river - gets its name from the dark coloured residue it garners as it cuts through dark volcanic rocks along its course to the Arabian sea near Karwar. The river is the lifeline of the people of Uttara Kannada district and central to the surrounding ecosystem and its world-renowned biodiversity. Some of our trails course through this rich ecosystem and provide an intimate view of the jungles and the villages tucked away deep inside them.

The second segment is in South Goa, covering the Cotigao and Nethravali wildlife sanctuaries as well as the beautiful beaches of the Canacona region. Soaking in the relaxed vibe of these beaches is the perfect way to end the tour!

As always, we've painstakingly found the best possible routes and we're super excited to take you deep into these magical places.


Day 1 - Arrival
  • Arrive by nightfall at a farm, situated about 45 km from Dandeli
  • Introductions and tour briefing
  • Overnight stay in a farmhouse inside the forest

Day 2 - Off the Grid
  • Forest trail ride (3-4 hours),  ~25 km, 384 m elevation gain
  • Trek to the top of Dudhsagar falls (2-3 hours)
  • Picnic lunch en-route
  • Overnight stay in a farmhouse inside the forest

Day 3 - the Rapids
  • Ride to the rafting start point along the Kali river
  • Ride distance: 45 km,  Elevation Gain: 425 m
  • Rafting: 3 hours, covering a few rapids
  • Transfer to Kulgi
  • Overnight stay in log-houses inside the forest

Day 4 - the Reservoir & the Reserve (Segment 2 participants arrive)
  • Transfer from Kulgi to the head of the trail for the day
  • 40 km ride, mostly trail, some tarmac, 1000 m elevation gain
  • The trail courses through the forest and touches upon several caves,  a hanging bridge over a reservoir and some beautiful waterfalls
  • Transfer back to Kulgi after the ride
  • Guests who have chosen only the ride the Segment 2 of this tour will join the group at Kulgi before nightfall
  • Overnight stay in log-houses inside the forest

Day 5 -  the Descent & the Bay (Segment 1 participants depart at the end of the day)
  • Safari in the Kali Tiger Reserve - 2-3 hours
  • Transfer to the head of the trail for the day
  • Ride down to South Goa via a forest trail and end the ride at Colomb beach. This is a unique way to get from one state to another, only bicycles can give you such a high!
  • 65 km ride, 500 m elevation gain, 1000 m loss, tarmac + some trail sections
  • Guests who have chosen only the ride the Segment 1 of this tour will depart from here.
  • Overnight Stay on Colomb beach, overlooking a pristine bay

Day 6 - Sanctuary
  • Ride into Cotigao and Nethravalli wildlife sanctuaries
  • Ride distance: 50 km, Elevation Gain: 500 m
  • Overnight Stay on Colomb beach, overlooking a pristine bay

Day 7 - Beach Hoppin'
  • Ride along the South Goa coast, touching upon several pristine beaches
  • 48 km ride, 950 m gain, tarmac with a few trail sections
  • NYE on the beach in Colomb!
  • Overnight Stay in Colomb, overlooking a pristine bay

Day 8 - Departure
  • We check-out and depart from Goa before noon

What do the levels mean?
The Level 1 (Beginner) rides are ideal for those who want to get back into cycling after a long time and get a taste of bicycle touring. The Level-2 (Moderate) rides are intended for those who've done a few of our Level-1 rides (20-30 km). The Level-3 (Challenging) rides are suitable for those who've done some Level-2 rides (40-60 km) and want to take it up a notch. Level-4 (Extreme) are rides and tours which have a lot of difficult climbs and or difficult conditions like in high-altitude regions.


The farm-stay in Dandeli where we'll be staying for two nights is quite literally off the grid and inside the forest. There is a waterfall a little natural pool and a stream, all inside the property.

The nature camp run by the Kali Tiger Reserve in Kulgi is designed to allow nature lovers to soak in the sights and sounds of the reserve. The property and its surroundings are a bird lover's paradise. Trekking and safari services are available close at hand.

The waterfront property in Colomb beach, Goa is a little slice of heaven wedged between the busier Palolem and Patnem beaches. Colomb is a bay so the waters are relatively still and form an idyllic setting to watch the sun go down while relaxing on the restaurant deck.


What's included in the tour price?
  • Curated cycling and travel experience
  • Transportation of bicycles
  • 7 nights stay in memorable locations
  • Meals on all days of segment 1 (Dandeli)
  • Lead riders and guides from our crew of experts
  • Support vehicle on all accessible roads
  • Mechanic support
  • Ride refreshments
  • Entry fees, permits, vehicle parking

What's not included in the tour price?
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation of riders to the starting point and back from the endpoint
  • Meals in transit and those not mentioned in the inclusions
  • Watersport fees (will be shared on actuals)
  • Bicycle rentals (available as an add-on)

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