Century Ride

Hesaraghatta - Doddaballapur

4-6 hours


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This ride weaves through the pretty countryside of Hesaraghatta and Doddabalapur. We'll be riding through farmland and villages, with very little traffic throughout the route. The target is to complete the ride before lunch, with a packed breakfast enroute.


  • Meet at SLBTC Lake End Circle, by 6:15 AM.
  • Gather with fellow riders for rental bike assignments and a ride briefing by the organisers.
  • Hop on your bicycle and head out with your guide.
    Level-2 (L2) - Distance: 55 km
    Level-1 (L1) - Distance: 25 km
  • Ride on mixed-surface routes that include smooth tarmac, gravel roads, and wide dirt tracks, winding through the rural areas between Hesaraghatta and Doddaballapur.
  • Take a break at a scenic spot, where we will enjoy our packed picnic breakfast.
  • We will return to the meeting point by 10/11 AM or by noon, and disperse.

What do the levels mean?

The Level 1 (Beginner) rides are ideal for those who want to get back into cycling after a long time and get a taste of bicycle touring. The Level-2 (Moderate) rides are intended for those who've done a few of our Level-1 rides (20-30 km). The Level-3 (Challenging) rides are suitable for those who've done some Level-2 rides (40-60 km) and want to take it up a notch. Level-4 (Extreme) are rides and tours which have a lot of difficult climbs and or difficult conditions like in high-altitude regions.


What's included in this tour?
  • Curated cycling and travel experience
  • Logistics planning
  • Ride refreshments (electrolytes/energy tabs & nutrition bars)
  • Mechanical support
  • First aid & emergency management 
  • Transportation of bicycle on request. Limited numbers.

What's not included in this tour?
  • Rental bike (available as an add-on)
  • Breakfast/Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • People transportation to the starting point and back (carpooling will be facilitated)

What does the DIY option mean?
Some of our routes are enabled for DIY consumption using a solution that provides virtual guidance and navigation. You will be able to navigate along the same route that we take you on a fixed-departure tour. You will get turn-by-turn navigation and map overlays that show you which are the scenic spots, where to get food and water, where to get emergency support if required, what obstacles are on the course, and which sections are tarmac, gravel, single-track etc. All the information and expertise that we bring with us when we take you on a ride are now available using an app. The information is available when you preview the route on the app as well as when you navigate (using clear and timely audio cues, almost like having a human guide with you!). The DIY experience of a particular tour is available for booking on the tour page itself. You can enjoy these DIY experiences whenever you want, you are not limited by our fixed-departure tour dates. Upon booking, you will be sent the information required to access the routes of the particular experience. 
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