PiTcoin - Pedal in Tandem's rewards programme

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We are delighted to announce our very own rewards programme across our various offerings.

Whether you join us on rides and tours, or commission us to build your dream bicycle, or get get your bicycle serviced, or make purchases at our bike shop; your loyalty to Pedal in Tandem will be rewarded.

1 PiTcoin = ₹1

How to earn PiTcoins?
  • Join us for weekend rides
    - Level 1 (L1) ride = 50 PiTcoins
    - Level 2 (L2) ride = 75 PiTcoins
    - Level 3 (L3) ride = 100 PiTcoins
  • Join us on multi-day tours
    - Earn 250 PiTcoins for every day of the tour
  • In-store purchases
    - Earn PiTcoins equivalent to 5% of the total spend on bicycles, components, accessories, service and custom builds
  • Share your love for PiT through referrals
    - Referrals of new customers on multi-day tours = 1,000 PiTcoins
    - Referrals of new customers on weekend rides = 200 PiTcoins

How to redeem your PiTcoins?
  • You can redeem points for tours, rides, services, and products of PiT
  • Redeem PiTcoins upto 20% of tour/ride price
  • Redeem PiTcoins upto 10% of in-store purchases & service bills 
  • PiTcoins cannot be redeemed on purchases which are already discounted through other offers
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