Best places to cycle in and around Bangalore

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Those who know us well will tell you that there’s nothing we enjoy more than crafting unique bicycle ride curations and tours - out in the remote countryside, in the wild, and away from the hustle of the city.

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When we started riding, sometime back in 2016, we had no idea that such places existed so close to Bangalore. Now that we've been exploring, mapping, cataloguing and taking groups on these routes for many years, it seems like a lifetime isn’t enough to explore these lands fully. Every time we ride in these areas, we tend to find a section, a feature or a highlight that we may have overlooked earlier. Sometimes, we come across an unexplored road that goes off on another tangent, which could potentially be the centrepiece of a whole new ride in itself.

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You’ll be surprised to know of the many incredible places to ride, so close to the city. Within a 30-40 km radius, we have some of the most picturesque, untouched, and enjoyable routes to explore. Over the years, we’ve been meticulously cataloguing these routes, marking their features and highlights, their road surfaces, and updating them with every visit. In the north and northwest of Bangalore alone, we have about 30-40 routes across the Doddaballapur and Chikkaballapur districts, and even close to/in the city near Hennur. If you look at the western part of Bangalore, there are about 15 routes around Nelamangala, Magadi, and parts of Ramanagara district. Coming down to the south and southwest of Bangalore, there are easily 30-40 incredible routes covering the forested lands around Ramanagara, Kanakapura, and the borderlands between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. To the east, again close to the city, with starting points that are just a 15-20km drive away, we have some lovely routes that course through villages and farms. So, any direction you point towards, rest assured there are pretty places and unforgettable rides that await. All you really need is a thirst for adventure and a desire to spend some time outdoors!

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Ask us, and we'll suggest that you ride for enjoyment, for exploration, to spend time in nature, and to take a break from the rat race. In our opinion, it’s best to stay off the highways and crowded city roads. But hey, you don't have to listen to us. Just try getting off the city’s roads and arterial highways, and come ride with us. You’ll get a sense of what we've been experiencing all this while. You’ll see many hidden gems that the countryside of Bangalore has in store for you.

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In each of these destinations, we’ve curated routes based on a variety of riding surfaces: Road, Gravel, Mixed, and Trail. We can take you on a gravel route, a mixed-surface route as well as an all-tarmac route, all within the region of your choice, say the north of Bangalore. Irrespective of the surface conditions, you can expect the same level of curation and enjoyment - away from traffic and in the beautiful green countryside with great views, and other highlights and features.

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Our routes are also graded by difficulty - L1 Beginner, L2 Moderate, L3 Challenging, and L4 Extreme; graded using a combination of factors such as distance, elevation gain, surface type, weather/time of year etc. You can experience these routes as morning rides or half-day/all-day tours, or even combine them with an overnight stay at a campsite, farm-stay or homestay for a quick weekend getaway.
Now, think of Bangalore as the tip of the iceberg in this context. We have hundreds of such routes all across the country, and many even beyond our shores! You can make the best of our routes by joining our friendly community, signing up for our fixed departure tours every weekend or by getting in touch for a customised tour. See you soon. Let’s pedal in tandem!
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