We stock bicycles and accessories suited for every type of rider and requirement

Pedal in Tandem is a boutique, multi-brand bicycle store in Bangalore, that’s run by a team with vast experience in riding a variety of bicycles on a variety of terrains and surfaces.

We understand what it takes to recommend the right bicycle to suit your needs, be it touring / bikepacking, leisure / fitness, performance / racing, commuting or anything else; whether you ride on butter-smooth tarmac, forest trails, in the upper Himalayas or on the pothole-riddled roads of your city.

Our team has ridden in the toughest conditions, climbed the steepest mountains, and explored large swathes of the country and beyond, on all kinds of bicycles. Our breadth and depth of knowledge gives us the edge to make suitable recommendations from premium bike brands. We curate a collection of bikes in each category and then take a consultative approach to recommend one that best suits your specific needs.


If you’re looking to buy a bicycle, you can be rest assured we’ve got your back. We stock bicycles from brands like Surly, Giant, Polygon, Merida, Fuji and Kona; and we have all types of bikes— Mountain bikes / MTB, hybrid bicycles, road bicycles, touring bikes, bikepacking and gravel bikes.



We curate best-in-class cycling products and accessories, from a wide range of brands in every category, based on the extensive knowledge and riding experience of our team as well as feedback from hundreds of happy customers. We stock all bicycle components to satisfy every upgrade whim. We also have a range of apparel and shoes to suit all requirements and budgets.


Tell us what you need.

We would like to hear from you.



What we love most about our passion-led business is engaging with you, dear rider.

Surya Sagar

Walked in for wheel truing and spokes issues after an unhappy job from another store, Good vibes all around. Will hop in again for anything related to bicycles and also suggest my friends to check out the store. Dheeraj and Poojya ma'am are passionate folks and they were kind enough to help me out in finding a way to carry my rims. You guys gave me a good experience. Cheers and good luck

Sunil Cj

We rented a bike to help us through the wave 2 lockdown phase with them. Dheeraj is a very friendly guy. Extremely customer friendly and flexible. We extended our rental as the lockdown further extended. Dheeraj was very accommodating with the same and gave reasonable rates also. Loved the bike as well. Was in great condition. Surely going to be a regular with them for our cycling needs.

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